Dear shareholders of PJSC NGK Slavneft! 

PJSC NGK Inzerneft informs you that in accordance with paragraph 5 of Art. 44 of the Federal Law of 26.12.1995 No. 208-FZ “On Joint Stock Companies” a person registered in the register of shareholders is obliged to promptly inform the holder of the register of shareholders of the company about changes in his data. Availability of up-to-date data in the register of shareholders, including the identity document, registration address, postal address, TIN and date of birth, allows you to ensure that you exercise the rights of shareholders in full (participation in a shareholders meeting, voting on agenda items, receiving dividends etc.).The absence or inaccuracy of your data in the register of shareholders may lead to the impossibility of the proper exercise of the rights of a shareholder, as well as to the liability of the tax agent for providing the tax authority with inaccurate information. on changes in the data of a shareholder must be provided to the registrar of PJSC NGK Inzerneft – JSC NRC – R.O.S.T. (hereinafter referred to as the Registrar).