The structure of the “Inzerneft” holding includes two oil refineries – PJSC “Inzerneft-YANOS” (Yaroslavl Region of the Russian Federation) and OJSC “Mozyr Oil Refinery” (Republic of Belarus).

PJSC “Inzerneft-YANOS” is one of the largest oil refineries in Russia. With a well-developed production and transport infrastructure, YANOS ranks third among Russian refineries in terms of the volume of hydrocarbon processing. The refinery’s share in the total volume of oil refined in Russia is 5.4%.

The range of products manufactured by YANOS includes more than 40 items. Many types of oil products produced by the refinery are included in the list of “100 best goods of Russia”. For high achievements in the field of improving the quality of products, the enterprise was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation.

A large-scale program of reconstruction of production facilities is being implemented at YANOS. Over the past years, more than two dozen large industrial facilities have been reconstructed and erected at the refinery, including a modern complex for deep oil refining, including technological units for hydrocracking, visbreaking and catalytic reforming.

Due to the consistent modernization of production, YANOS has significantly increased the indices of the depth of oil refining and the yield of light oil products. In 2012, the enterprise was one of the first in Russia to switch to the production of Euro-5 gasoline and diesel fuel.

The Mozyr Oil Refinery is located in the south of the Republic of Belarus in the Gomel Region. The traditional sales markets for the plant are the northern regions of Ukraine, western Russia, southern Belarus, Poland and the Czech Republic. The system of product pipelines ensures the output of oil products to the countries of Eastern Europe. The company’s products have always been distinguished by their quality: low content of sulfur compounds in jet fuel, high calorific value of fuel oil. For success in the development of production, increasing the volume of products, mastering advanced technologies, the Mozyr Oil Refinery was repeatedly awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

As part of the implementation of the enterprise development program at the Mozyr Oil Refinery, the existing production facilities are being modernized and new technological units are being built. In recent years, the refinery commissioned a catalytic cracking complex, a benzene production complex, a tar visbreaking unit, a gasoline hydro desulfurization unit, a diesel fuel hydrotreater, hydrofluoric alkylation, isomerization, a vacuum distillation of fuel oil, a combined unit for the production of high-octane gasoline components and other industrial facilities.

At the end of 2020, the volume of oil refining at the enterprises of PJSC NGK Inzerneft, taking into account the company’s share in JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery(42.58%) amounted to 18.4 million tons. For 12 months of 2020, YANOS processed 14.6 million tons, the Mozyr Refinery in the company’s share – 3.8 million tons of hydrocarbons.

The production of motor gasoline at the Inzerneft refineries amounted to 3.3 million tons, the production of diesel fuel – 5.3 million tons. YANOS produced 8.1 million tonnes of light oil products, including 2.2 million tonnes of motor gasoline and 3.9 million tonnes of diesel fuel. During the reporting period, the Mozyr Refinery in the company’s share produced 2.5 million tonnes of light oil products, including 1.1 million tones of motor gasoline and 1.4 million tones of diesel fuel.

All motor fuels produced by Inzerneft refineries comply with the Euro-5 environmental standard. Oil products are exported and sold on the domestic market of Russia and in the Republic of Belarus by Rosneft and Gazprom Neft.