Ensuring safe working conditions, preserving the life and health of employees are one of the main priorities that PJSC NGK Inzerneft is guided by when carrying out production activities. Based on the requirements of Russian legislation and the best practices of leading industrial corporations, the company is constantly improving methods for managing technological processes, minimizing production and environmental risks.

PJSC NGK Inzerneft has an effective management system for labor protection, industrial, fire and environmental safety. 

Work to improve working conditions at PJSC NGK Izerneft is continuous. The company implements programs of measures for the development of production culture, the formation of a responsible attitude to safety issues among personnel; increasing the level of transport, fire and industrial safety; increasing the reliability of equipment, technical devices and structures.

Improvement of technological process control systems, constant monitoring of the technical condition of production facilities, the introduction of standards and procedures that impose high requirements for production safety, allow minimizing the risk of accidents, accidents and occupational diseases.

At the same time, PJSC NGK Izerneft constantly maintains a high level of readiness for localization and elimination of the consequences of possible emergencies. At the main production enterprises of the company, emergency rescue teams have been formed and passed the appropriate certification, which, in cooperation with the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, regularly participate in training exercises to develop skills in emergency response.